A Look at Homes Sales in the Boulder Mountain Areas

I'm back to sales stats today...this time taking a look at Boulder mountain properties. There's one word that really sums up mountain sales: stagnant. From January 2008 to this January, nothing really changed in the Boulder mountain market. Sales volume and price dropped slightly while inventory rose slightly. The only dramatic difference was the decrease in 'days to contract' for mountain properties, but with only 10 sales included in the average, I have a hard time drawing any real conclusions or predicting any trends from the data.

Here are the sales statistics for residential sales in the mountain areas of Boulder (January 2008 compared to January 2009):
  • 10 homes sold in January 2009 compared to January 2008 (a 9.1% decrease)

  • Inventory increased 2.2% from 272 active listings in January 2008 to 278 in January 2009

  • Median sales priced was down 3.2% in January 2009 compared to a year prior. The median sales price in January 2009 was $324,500 compared to $335,115 in January 2008

  • Average sales price fell 1.1% in January 2009 compared to a year prior. The average sales price in January 2009 was $391,100 compared to $395,601 in January 2008

  • The average 'days to contract' decreased by 40% from 207 days for homes that went under contract in January 2008 to 124 days in January 2009.

Historically Boulder mountain properties have required a little extra time and effort to sell compared to their urban counterparts. Their location off the beaten path and the threat of those rare Colorado winters when mountain residents are 'snowed in' make the buyer pool for Boulder mountain properties smaller than for city properties. But for those who crave the mountain lifestyle, one can certainly get a lot of home and land for their money compared to city properties. One of my most unique and pristine luxury mountain properties, 355 Mountain King Road, offers 115 acres of protected forest land and an impeccable 5,600-square-foot custom mountain home with incredible views from every direction all for $2,995,000. Click here to view photos and read more about this rare and incredible property.

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