Wineglass Ranch Offers a Rare Opportunity to Build in Boulder

As I discussed in my last blog entry, vacant buildable land in Boulder, Colorado, is scarce due to the city's growth limitations and Boulder's aggressive open space programs. The very thing that makes Boulder such a great place to live also makes it a more difficult place to get established if your dream is to build from the ground up.

There are a few exceptions in and around Boulder, however. I recently listed three amazing Boulder home sites collectively known as "Wineglass Ranch." Sited in north Boulder just southwest of where Broadway meets Hwy 36, these lots are rarities in terms of their size, view corridors and quick access to downtown Boulder. Two of the three lots are roughly 7 acres while the remaining lot is +/- 5 acres. The views are spectacular. From Boulder's Flatirons to the south to the craggy rock formations toward Lyons, Colorado, to the north and even Boulder Reservoir, these sites offer a true feast for eyes. And they are a trailblazer's delight with easy access to the veins of public trails that traverse across Boulder's northern foothills.

Another distinction that makes these lots so prime is their access. Each site has paved driveways off of Lee Hill Road (also paved), and each lot is serviced by city utilities. The lots range in price from $960,000 to $1.39 million each and can be purchased individually or together. They certainly are a blank and marvelous canvas for someone seeking to create their Boulder masterpiece.

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