Not all cities are equal. In this tough economy, some locations are thriving while others continue to fail. According to the Today Show on MSNBC.com Today’s Real Estate segment, extensive country-wide city evaluations were conducted in order to gather details regarding cities that are on the edge of recovering.

Denver, Colorado is rated number one in the nation as the place to live, as well as the state where the housing market is most likely to recover. The rating was based on eight recovery potential characteristics that include: job growth, growing population, good weather, first-time buyers, no overbuilding, vital downtown, educated populations and foreclosures that occurred earlier in the recession time frame. To learn more about the housing market, watch Today’s Real Estate by clicking here

In addition to Denver rating number one in recovery potential criteria, the state of Colorado offers diverse cities with vibrant downtowns, unbeatable park systems, and highly educated populations. And not to be forgotten is the unbeatable Colorado weather with an average of 300 days of sunshine each year.

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