Selling A Colorado Oasis … to a Coastal Buyer

For Jan Johnson, selling her 35-acre property in the foothills of Boulder, Colo., was a gut-wrenching decision. Not only had she lived in the home for 15 years, but she had painstakingly developed the acreage, artistically designed and built the home to complement its breathtaking natural views, and managed every detail of the pristine landscaping. "I felt as though I had created a piece of fine art that no one would fully appreciate as much as me," Jan says.

Still, the time was right in Jan's life to move on to other endeavors. The economy, however, wasn't so supportive. At a time when Jan needed to sell her unique property at the best price possible, local luxury homes were taking up to four years to sell. Given the distinctive nature of the property, she needed to find that one-of-a-kind buyer who would not only understand the artistic features the property offered, but would fall in love with the striking architecture and overall location as well.

When her agent suggested she market the property on a global level through LegendaryHomeAuction.com, Jan was intrigued. She couldn't imagine that a buyer outside of Colorado could be found, let alone found quickly, but she trusted the recommendation and signed up for the auction.

Within weeks, a cash buyer from Florida surfaced and the property sale was closed. "That buyer would never have seen the property if not for the auction format," Jan says. In the end, it was two simple yet infallible real estate tactics that sold the property: exposure and photos. The means to the end, however, was a pooled advertising fund that allowed Jan's property to be marketed on a national and global scale with minimal cost to her. Jan can't stop talking about the positive experience she had with LegendaryHomeAuction.com. "I find myself telling the story almost every day about the sale of my home and the experience with [Legendaryhomeaction.com]," she says.
Are you frustrated with the results of traditional real estate marketing campaigns? Sell your house via a national and global campaign like Jan did. Take the first step by contacting LegendaryHomeAuction.com at 303.440.4999 or mailto:Lauren@legendarygroup.com

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