Polo on the Lawn --06.24.07

On the hot, sunny, day of June 24th hundreds sat beneath cool, shady, tents on Longmont’s prestigious Ashlawn and watched the elegant sport of Polo. Legendary Properties Sotheby’s International Realty was one of the proud sponsors of this charitable event, to which all proceeds were donated to HospiceCare of Boulder and Broomfield counties.

The Sotheby’s Team, dressed in bold navy blue and white, competed against United Western Bank in the afternoon Championship match. Sotheby’s had started out the game with an impressive five-point lead, but the endurance of the other team proved to generate some very tough competition. Each team played with swiftness and agility, creating a close match resulting in a final score of 7-8, United Western.

Both teams were comparable in skill, as both had one professional player who flew in just to partake in the event. Santiago Wulff for Sotheby’s and Santiago Bottero for United Western ran together head to head with matched skills and passion for the game. The gentleman also exuded a sportsmanship unlike any other. Often times when one man fell off his horse the player from the other team would stop to retrieve the horse, and stop play until everyone was certain no injuries had occurred. The men played very hard and provided an exceptional show, but no one worked harder than the perfectly conditioned and trained Polo Ponies. The majestic creatures showed no signs of fatigue, even on such a hot day, and watching them be ridden by some of the best players in the world was truly a thrill.

Legendary Properties Sotheby’s International Realty was so thankful to be apart of such a remarkable event. From the excitement of the game, to the music, and good food everything was luxury at its best, truly making it the sport of kings. (And the champagne didn’t hurt either!)

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