Four Colorado Cities Among Forbes.com's "Best Places" List

Anyone who lives on Colorado's Front Range should be proud (and relieved) at Forbes' release of its latest "best places" list titled "Best Places for Business and Careers." While Raleigh, North Carolina, snagged the list's top spot, Colorado is well represented in the Top 20. In fact FOUR out of the Top 20 cities ranked by Forbes are located on Colorado's Front Range (that puts Colorado second only to North Carolina, which had 6 cities among the Top 20).

In order of ranking, Colorado's honorees are:
  • No. 2 - Fort Collins - 55 miles northeast of Boulder
  • No. 10 - Colorado Springs - 96 miles southeast of Boulder
  • No. 14 - Denver - 26 miles southeast of Boulder
  • No. 20 - Boulder

The rankings were determined by each city's collective ranking in four major categories: 1) the cost of doing business; 2) projected job growth; 3) educational attainment; and 4) metro area population.

Click here to read Forbes' data that led to Boulder's 20th place ranking.

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