It's Green Year-Round In Boulder, Colorado

Even on those rare days when the Flatirons are socked in by clouds and the ground from Pearl Street to Chautauqua Park is covered in a blanket of snow, green is everywhere in Boulder, Colorado. By 'green' I mean eco-friendly ... a badge that Boulder has proudly worn even when "being green" wasn't a coast-to-coast corporate mantra. For example...
  • Did you know that the Boulder Community Foothills Hospital is the first LEED-certified hospital in the country?

  • Did you know that Boulder's 29th Street shopping district has designated preferred parking for hybrid vehicles?

  • Did you know that CU-Boulder's Folsom Field is the country's first zero-waste collegiate football stadium?

  • Did you know you can take a self-guided telephone tour of Boulder's commitment to green living?
I discovered these facts in a 16-page guide produced by Boulder's CVB. It's called "City of Boulder and Boulder County: Leading the Way in Green from Science to Sustainability" and is worth reading if you ever doubted Boulder's status as a 'green goddess'. Most relevant to the Boulder real estate industry is page 4 of the guide that discusses critical initiatives affecting property owners and builders...height restrictions, Boulder's mandatory 'Green Points Building' program and Boulder's approach to growth as its quality of life attracts droves of outsiders.

It's interesting reading no matter which side of the fence you're on when it comes to Boulder's bold approach to being green!

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