Denver Among America's Greenest, Most Livable and Most Popular Cities

When it comes to green living, Boulder gets five stars for its commitment and ingenuity as I discussed in my last post. But it should be noted that as far as major metropolitan areas go, Denver ranks among the most environmentally friendly cities in the nation (as well as one of the most desirable to call home).

The Environmental Protection Agency recently released results of a study that sought to determine America's greenest skylines as reported Monday on Forbes.com. A city's ranking was determined by the number of Energy Star-certified commercial buildings and manufacturing plants.

Denver ranked as having the 7th greenest U.S. skyline with 109 Energy Star-certified buildings including the signature "cash-register looking" building that is the Wells Fargo Center.

According to the EPA, a total of 6,200 buildings have been awarded the Energy Star designation nationwide for an annual utility savings $1.7 billion for those buildings.

In the past week, Denver also has garnered attention in two other notable categories on Forbes.com's real estate section:
That's good news for Denver's real estate market!

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